app star awards 2009

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We just got this his nice badge as finalist of appsfire app star awards 2009.

Antonió is happy to have this nice award. He put it to the main screen of Antoniós Color Madness in the iTunes Appstore:


A Hurry Xmas: Ready and uploaded to Apple

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‘A Hurry Xmas’  our cute fun xmas game is ready and uploaded to Apple. Let’s hope that the review-process is ready before Xmas 8-/

Get a few impressions here:

app star awards 2009: Yes we are among the 10 finalists in Games

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Wow- we are really proud and happy with our nomination in the finalist group in categorie ‘Game’ at the app star awards 2009!

So now we need YOU, my friends!!

Please vote for us (click on small thumb down right under the video) or leave a few nice words here:

The Jury will pick 3 lucky winners in each category and present on 9th December at LeWeb ( in Paris.


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Just submitted our Blog to so that you can find us more easily.

Are there more of this services out there?

A Hurry Xmas

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We are just in late Beta of our new cute game ‘A Hurry Xmas’ – if everything wents fine we will upload it to Apple this Friday.
Have a exclusive look at a few screens (things might change a litle bit in the final app):

Antonios Color Madness: Instant feedback

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If you got really stuck while playing or you dislike something of ACM, please tell us! But not by writing a bad review, as we can’t answer you! (BTW: Hey Apple, when will this be possible  ??)

Instead we have prepared a tiny email-form where you can enter all your concerns. Just tap on the info-button downleft at the main-menu and then we start your email-client:

Or even better you follow us on Twitter:

or on Facebook:Xo7Brainiac at Facebook

Antonios Color Madness: Fast Color Flow

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We got a few reviews, people telling us that they don’t like that it takes too long until the paint reaches the bottom.

Well, what should I say? They are right!

We had the same feeling when we made our Beta-Tests, so there is a solution build in for that:

After the paint starts  flowing down just double tap the Clock-Icon and things will speed up. But be carefully:  in higher levels you will need the time of the paintflow to adjust all the switches and walves …

For example have a look at level 89, here you will need all time to think and change the settings (ok, maybe some super brains not):

This is really hard to solve, but you should know:

for the last 5 levels (86-90) you get a special bonus of 5.000$ instead of 1.000$ for every bucket filled right.

So if you doing well at this 5 levels you can get up to: 27 Buckets  x 5.000$ = 135.000$ – with that Highscore-Boost you can go on top of the Highscore list very fast.